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    TwoAngels at High Tide

TwoAngels Eco-Aware Policy

TwoAngels is located in the Garden Route National Park area of South Africa, which is an area of great eco-sensitivity and natural beauty. This includes the Knysna National Lake Area, and various other areas of state-owned land.
Apart from that fact, This area of the country is undergoing a severe and prolonged drought.

TwoAngels plays its part in helping to promote Green policies and standards by means of the following:
In all accommodation units, Guest towels will only be changed every 3 days to avoid wastage of water and pollution caused by detergent-use. If Guests are prepared to use their towels for a longer period without change, we welcome that, and request you please advise us of this on arrival.
Bed linen will be changed only once per week, unless circumstances dictate otherwise, or unless specifically requested by our Guests, for the same reasons.
We URGENTLY request our Guests to use water sparingly by showering instead of bathing and while washing-up. Please remember this is a severe drought area. Be considerate.
While on our property, on any public roads, beaches or in fact anywhere, please avoid LITTERING. It severely damages the environment and is unsightly. Dispose of all waste in dedicated containers, please.
While the Knysna Municipality does not operate a comprehensive recycling program as yet, we do all we can to minimize garbage and waste, especially of the type that does not easily degrade. We appreciate your trying to do so also by keeping glass & plastic waste in separate packets for recycling.

TwoAngels appreciates your understanding, and your assistance in maintaining these standards.